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Toronto Maple Leafs and Vegas Golden Knights are my picks for the Stanley cup. Join my league on FanDuel; pot size is $1k.
Another crypto to look out for is Maker (MKR). Current price is only $2k currently and it’s on a Bitcoin trajectory level. Up today 22%
The next short squeeze will be AMD. Also, do you prefer round table pizza or dominoes?
dominoes, 2 medium 2 topping got me thru college
Are you talking about the 2 medium, 5 dollar each coupon? That is really good. I would highly recommend you make one pan style pizza and add extra cheese to what ever topics you like. It’s like Chicago style pizza really good.
ooooo that does sound good, i gotta remember to get that next time
If anyone remembers, I said awhile back that people should buy Bitcoin cuz it was going to explode. Well look at the price today; your an idiot if you didn’t buy then.
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