DJ Scam Warning: DJ JsM (Jasjeet Matharu)

Discussion in 'Bhangra Mixes and Music' started by bparikh, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Jax

    Jax New Member

    ahhaah shit happens, Jsm still one of the best out there
  2. smp

    smp Member

    that's messed up, at least pay them back if you failed to deliver the product
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  3. lakha23

    lakha23 ਅਣਖ ਨਾਲ ਜਿਊਣਾ

    The worst thing other than making a shitty mix is not delivering a mix to clients. Hella messed up new teams get sucked into scams like these. Hope y’all get paid back. “DJ” jsm is definitely not one of the “elite” mixers out there.
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  4. Gurjit

    Gurjit Member

    Wow. just wow.
  5. BhangraSUCKS

    BhangraSUCKS Active Member

    We should make a separate thread, or a continuation of the mixer thread, whereby teams can leave reviews of mixers they used so that future teams have a good understanding of the reputation of the mixer they hired.

    Or teams can simply donate the money to me. I'll make you a great mix of gunshots and Punjabi cuss words.
  6. iJatt

    iJatt Member

    Did you make an account just to post this?
  7. Pendu

    Pendu New Member

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  8. BhangraSUCKS

    BhangraSUCKS Active Member

    Get the btf moderators to investigate. They can track anyones IP address, like that jatt dude.
  9. BhangraSUCKS

    BhangraSUCKS Active Member

    My favorite thread

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