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I'm amazed by how much much genius and thought went into this routine! Every segment was saturated with intricate and meticulous variations.
I personally felt as if the khunde segment came in slightly early; it would have been nice to see it after one of the later dancing segments so that the variation-heavy dancing segment, in contrast, could have helped balance the set flow a little better.
Overall, this was an incredibly enjoyable performance to watch and was reminiscent of old-school TAG and SGPD. I haven't watched many of the other teams from BIB, but I am confident this performance was very competitive. Hope the circuit sees more of TAG in the near future :)


Ne Asi Gabroo Desh Punjab De ;)
I really wish I could have seen this while I was there. I've been a huge fan of sets coming out of House of Bhangra, especially any Ustaad @Dj ASG routines. :cool:

In terms of set design, very very creative. Seeing new ideas is very refreshing. Also I loved hearing songs I've never heard before (low key missed that lol). Where you can improve is with your pause-and-go moments. They took away from the flow of the routine for me. The ideas were sick, they just need to be tweaked a bit and I'm sure you guys talked about it. For example, when shikey started, it was really strong, but then at 1:14 (right after The Next Episode beat) you do a jhummar move with shikey and the flow became abrupt. That same sequence for that move flowed better at bruin 2012. That specific example may just be me, however, I think the pause-and-go throughout the set is something to take into consideration.

I need to see a closer video to comment on dancing, but from these angles, it looked really clean. Hope to see another TAG performance sometime soon in the future.