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    Number 1 bhangra arena

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    Boston Bhangra 2018 Videos

    Hardeep-- just wanted to drop in and say thank you for the live stream bud! Maybe speaking for many bhangra vets here-- haven't been to a Bhangra comp in so long-- so being able to watch one of the most iconic competitions in real time last night was such a pleasure.
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    Just a reminder

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    Comoooonty Debate: Punjabi Top 3s

    Mine: Best 3 Current Singers (+/- 2 years): Elly Mangat, Rajvir Jawanda, Sidhu Moosewala GOAT 3 Singers: Bindrakhia, Babbu Mann, Diljit Best 3 songs of all time (dance floor banger): Tera Yaar Bolda, Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da, Apna Punjab Best 3 songs of all time (car/pregame banger)...
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    Comoooonty Debate: Punjabi Top 3s

    Had a debate in our whatsapp group-- bringing it to the comoonty... lets see if this works: Best 3 Current Singers (+/- 2 years): GOAT 3 Singers: Best 3 songs of all time (dance floor banger): Best 3 songs of all time (car/pregame banger):
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    Bhangra All Stars Sydney (BASS) @ Harbour City Bhangra 2018 (1ST PLACE)

    best team out there right now... dancer talent from 1st to last jodi, grace, music choice, set dynamic, straight audience captivation... australia has something brewing
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    Is the circuit reverting back to the 2010-2012 collegiate era?

    Whos mans is this 2010-2012 hype and creativity would clean your clocks in 2017
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    Gary saab, judges up front please
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    VSB | Waris @ BBC 2017

    This team and Bhangre De Shokeen... 2 soon to be heavy hitters. Raw folk talent bhangra is back and as a buddah vet I couldn't be happier.... now i wanna see a rivalry... ALSO shoutout to all captains of both squads aka SEPBC fam :)
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    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh (3rd Place)

    I danced for AEG a few times in college... the problems that existed in 2011 still exist today... the focus needs to shift from showing off some supplemental aesthetic element of a set to teaching your dancers fundamentals of bhangra... you could beat these teams you lose to simply by accepting...
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    Post competition bashing

    You all suck
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    Launch: Union of Bhangra Judges (New Updates)

    I don't mean to be a douche or personal, just passionate about getting my point across. This idea is horrific.