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    Bhangra in the Burgh 13 Placings & Feedback

    This review is on behalf of Duniya De Rang. It was our teams first Burgh and over all we had a great weekend! Below are the noteworthy highlights and suggested areas for improvement. Pre-comp A++ Communication and coordination Special thanks to Nupur Madeshwari for always being available to...
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    Championships of Bhangra Placings & Reviews

    Duniya De Rang performed as exhibition for Championships of Bhangra. As a long-distance team who only ever see each other for seemingly high stakes-sleepless weekends, the opportunity to come together for a World class Bhangra competition without the stress of competing appealed to us. Our...
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    Spartan Bhangra @ BBC 2018

    Hi Spartan! I have just a few points of feedback for you guys. I’ll just speak to what hasn’t been spoken to yet. * Energy level : There were times dancer displayed uncontrolled energy and became distractions rather than enhancements to the set. It’s easy to get over hype on stage but...
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    How to effectively improve stamina on a collegiate team?

    I agree with Hardeep on focusing proper form in practice. In addition, when doing run throughs make sure that they count. Make sure that you are not conserving your energy in your run throughs. If that means you’re dead by the first half, then so be it- eventually you’ll be able to do the whole...
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    Sherniyan Di Sarkar (Second Place) @ Queen City Bhangra

    Firstly, congratulations on the placing! I was so proud to see two all girls team taking a comp!:) Some feed back: I really enjoyed your Mela scene. The execution of the choreo from the four girls in center sets the tone for the rest of the set. Nice hype! I feel like the team can improve on...
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    Sweet set! With only 12 people you guys managed the stage well. In terms of cleanliness, it seems like there is room to improve i.e the whole team executing moves the same, starting moves facing the same degree direction/ sometimes seemed the pace was off between dancers - but in a way I...
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    Biggest struggle in bhangra and how you overcame it?

    The most difficult obstacle I've faced in Bhangra was probably just getting started in it in general. Growing up, I was a super shy girl that was always afraid of embarrassing myself. I had no dance experience and didn't like being put on the spot or being watched for that matter. So just...
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    Week 5 Matchup 6: DJ MOMO vs. Suave Sahib

    Super hype my vote: DJ 1
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    Week 3 Matchup 2: DJ MOMO vs. Amundeep | Theme: Hip-Hop/Pop

    Both so smoooth. Great match up! Vote DJ 2