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    Ankhile WBBC Mix - Official

    Here it is guys, 5 years later 😅 Share, like and have fun experimenting with choreo !!! tag us with choreography on insta @ankhile_bhangra @ankhile_girls Shoutout to our rival match up who brought out the best in us - Cornell!! Harnz
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    Vendor Feedback

    you never refunded the entire amount. You paid back some of it in instalments and made excuses up each and everytime Harpal asked you. Part of the money is still owed and when we asked for it - you claimed that you had issues with your supplier/business partner (which is none of our business)...
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    Vendor Feedback

    Agreed - I think feedback is very important... especially if one is trying to research a particular supplier. Unfortunately Alokh did not have much feedback at the time and any reviews that he did have seemed positive. It was only until later we realised he scammed us. Again, I think this...
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    Vendor Feedback

    If only we had an 'ebay' like feedback page here. So he sent us half the props, kept half our money and has the audacity to name us on his advertisement? We made our order in 2016 and we've given up chasing this guy. I don't normally like to name and shame people, but it's an insult that he...
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    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    Hi BTF, Having seen this, our team (ankhile, uk) ordered 17 bamboo khunde from Howie. The khunde were shipped out right away and there were no delays whatsoever. They arrived in good condition and are great to use as described. Would definately recommend Howie to other teams across globe...
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    Ankhile Putt Punjab De - TBC 2016 Performance

    Hi All, Here is our performance from TBC 2016 this past weekend. Unfortunately we never placed at this competition, but we all enjoyed the experience and the journey itself. A well organised competition and a shoutout to all the competing teams. Congrats to the winners Ankhi Jawan - A well...
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    Question for UK Dancers

    Thats right - Capital Bhangra (University Comp), TBCU (University Comp) and TBC (Independent comp) are run by the same Organiser.
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    Goodluck to all the competing teams
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    Goodluck to all the competing teams
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    Ankhile Putt Punjab De (APPD) at Folk-Stars 2015 - 1st Place

    Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Always appreciated! Also, for those who are unaware, Gora Longowalia was our ustaad for this competition - an ustaad we brought over here from India - to learn live bhangra from. He made and insisted on teaching us this set, as he did originally with a team...
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    'ALL LIVE' UK COMP - Folk-Stars 2015 - Saturday 15th August 2015

    I take it you are encouraging live teams from across the globe to enter? ;D Will this be invitational, or are teams encouraged to enter?
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    Ankhile Coed at TBC 2014 and WBBC 2015 (Matchup winners / 3rd Place)

    Jevenile - back that a$$ up instrumental DJ Mustard - 24 Hours instrumental :)
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    Ankhile Coed at TBC 2014 and WBBC 2015 (Matchup winners / 3rd Place)

    Hi guys, here are our videos from TBC 14 and WBBC 15. The whole team are grateful to share such stage with great talent. We thank the commitees from both comps for allowing us to stage our talent. In addition, we thank all the teams for being great sport including our wbbc matchup rivals at...