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    Jhoomar (The Beautiful Mist) | Full Song | Gurman Birdi Ft. Jasraj Lailna

    Hey what's up everybody? Gurman Birdi & I just dropped a folk Jhoomar song for the bhangra community, check it out & let us know what you think on the youtube video! I'm currently doing a Jhoomar challenge on instagram, perform a jhoomar segment to your favorite part of the song and post it on...
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    How To Tie A Front Turla Bhangra Pagh On Yourself (Jasraj Lailna)

    My attempt at tying a front turla bhangra pagh on myself in under 5 minutes. Instagram: @jasrajlailna Facebook: Jasraj Lailna Snapchat: jasrajlailna Soundcloud:
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    Bhangra Judging system.Should it be changed?

    Every judge is different and has a different perspective on how bhangra is suppose to be done based on where they learned in Punjab (majha,malwa & doaba), this causes a lot of controversy in meetings (talking mostly about live bhangra). I don't agree we should let crowds or people decide who...
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    Lighting Cues

    I wouldn't recommend using a lot of lighting cues because sometimes the venue messes it up, i've seen teams perform their whole shika/sapp segment in the dark, how are the judges suppose to judge that? I usually suggest just using a strobe light (flashing light) where ever needed (starting or...
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    Folk Vibez Dhol Packs For Sale - 50% off For The Month of December

    Folk Vibez Dhol Loops 1: - Chaal, Bhangra, Gidda, Dhamaal, Mirza, Jhoomer, Sammiyan, Jugni - 10 packs - 100 loops - Used In Deep Jandu/Gurlej Akhtar/Karan Aujla/Gursewak Dhillon's Song Scratch Folk Vibez Dhol Loops 2: - Chaal, Bhangra - 4 packs - 50 loops - Used In Gurnam Bhullar's song...
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    Folk Vibez Jhoomer Loops

    Folk Vibez Jhoomer Loops are now available for purchase! Strictly jhoomer rhythms, jhoomer breaks & jhoomer rolls! Recorded at 110 bpm in the key of G#! For further information on any of my 8 loops packs don't hesitate to email me at - Jhoomar Loops Being Used In A Remix
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    Folk Vibez Percussion Pack (Dhol,Dholak,Tabla)

    Frequency Ent. Presents: Folk Vibez Percussion Pack Volume 1 Now available for purchase - Identical Dhol, Dholak & Tabla Loops - 33 Combined Loops - You Get One Dhol Track, One Dholak Track & One Tabla Track Which Has All The Loops Already In Sync With Each Other - Four Track Dhol, Two Track...
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    Dhol Recording

    Those are dhol loops i have recorded (Folk Vibez Dhol Loops), anyone interested in purchasing please email me at i have 3 dhol packs and 1 bugchu pack all recorded at my studio.
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    Folk Vibez Dhol Loops Volume 2 Out Now!

    Frequency Entertainments Presents: Folk Vibez Dhol Loops Volume 2! Dholi: Jasraj Lailna Recording Engineer's: Maneet (Dj Em) Lotay & Tejinder (Dj Teji) Mann Mixed & Mastered By: Jasraj Lailna All Loops Recorded At Folk Vibez Music Studio Artwork: Harkirat Mangat Email...
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    ****Folk Vibez Dhol Loops Now On Sale****

    Frequency Ent Presents Folk Vibez Dhol Loops Volume 1 By Jasraj Lailna: Folk Vibez Dhol Loops are now up for sale! 10 different dhol packs recorded at various tempos and various keys with 100 dhol loops combined. Chaal, bhangra, jhoomer, lehriya, dhamaal, mirza, phumniyan, jhoomer and many more...
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    Attention all music producers/music directors/Deejays:

    Tumbi algoje sarangi are in C# raag bharavi, dhol is in C or C# recorded that before
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    Attention all music producers/music directors/Deejays:

    Here is a sample pack that I have live recorded as a demo pack for you guys to hear the quality and sound of my live pieces. Everything in this project is recorded live at Folk Vibez Recording Studio. I have included the original raw dry recording file, as well as a wet version, with eq...
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    TBH everything sounds the same now a days, each composition is just recycyled from each other, producers just change the key of the song, the tempo and maybe a few notes but it’s generally the same stuff, most people won’t catch it unless they have an ear for music, raags and sur or if it sounds...
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    MotorCity Bhangra Judgement Break down

    Im being salty for putting out facts? Like i said I'm not taking nothing away from SPD they killed it but the judges should be able to justify why a team lost at the time of the competition. Ps I'm not the only one that had this issue a lot of other teams did as we'll. Im just going to leave it...
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    MotorCity Bhangra Judgement Break down

    The algoje were tuned to C because the singer sang on C, that's not a valid point as to why we lost because last time i checked the other team's chimta guy's turla came out and no points were docked, 2 dancers went off beat but that was considered a minor mistake but the algoje being off sur...