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    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    On behalf of Carolina Indian Arts- thank you HSA! KPGD used HSA brown plastic saaps at Buckeye Mela and at a Charlotte Hornets halftime performance and loved the experience. The quality of the materials are great and the saaps are extremely light. We have started to use these saaps in our...
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    KPGD at Bruin Bhangra XIX- 1st place

    I know it's a little tough to see in the official video, so here's the backdrop video made by SP Digital Media with the mix attached! Such great work done by Sagar- it helped sell our vision so well on stage. :)
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    KPGD - Bruin 2017 1st Place Mix

    Was an absolute pleasure working with Teg & GSingh. Incredible mixing and amazing mastering. Mix sounded SO good in the venue and the attention to detail was worth it. Thanks for stepping up and doing everything I asked for! Capturing 60 years of musical eras in 9 minutes is no easy feat...
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    KPGD at Bruin Bhangra XIX- 1st place

    What’s up BTF! Here is our video from Bruin. We tried to do something very different this year and hope you enjoy our production: “A Journey Through Time.” If anyone has any other videos of us, feel free to post them here! We'd love to see other views :) Shoutouts: Bruin committee- (Vaibhav...
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    Launch: Union of Bhangra Judges (New Updates)

    Wow! I am so excited to see so much positivity and support from all of you. We have almost doubled the number of registered judges in our first 5 days! I truly hope that this initiative promotes a better environment and experience for all. Our goal was to establish a foundation and let the UBJ...
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    Joshiley Jawan - Elite 8 Bhangra Invitiational 2015 Champions

    I've always been a huge fan of JJ and am friends with a bunch of you guys. This was JJ's best performance. This post is 99% compliments, and they are completely deserved. Really happy for all of you -Loved the mela intro with the old lollipop entrance haha, took me back to VPD 2011 -Nasty sher...
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    CBS MIX- BAB 2014! by GSingh and Shaun Atwal

    Love that! I definitely freaked out when GSingh first sent me that ending
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    CBS MIX- BAB 2014! by GSingh and Shaun Atwal

    Had an amazing time working with GSingh and Shaun! Two incredible mixers, unreal production quality. Thanks for putting in so much time fellas! Hope everyone enjoys the mix!
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    Carolina Bhangra Squad at BAB III

    I'm glad, and I hope we can keep competing too! We'll probably release the mix early next week
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    Carolina Bhangra Squad at BAB III

    Here is our performance at BAB this summer. Hope you enjoy! Obviously there are tech issues, stage dimension and formation problems, and individual mistakes, but I'm incredibly proud of the CBS family for putting this set together in 5 days. Critiques are welcome but, more-so, I hope our...
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    Burgh Videos

    I've also got side balcony HD videos for GMU, SMD, FCB, Virsa, MOB, and UMD as well. I've talked to some of you already but message me if you'd like it! Congrats to all on their performances!
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    **** Big Apple Bhangra IV ****

    YES! lookin forward to it
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    Bhangra Circuit Critiques

    Just wanted to comment on your first point about markers, Hardeep- (cool post btw, nice way to compile a lot of the complaints we hear) As much as I love live dancing and as much as my team strives to dance like India teams, one major difference is the issue of formations/markers. I've had...
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    VCU Bhangra at Bhangra in the Burgh 2013(reposted/with GTV video)

    1st place IMO. incredible dancing by everyone. like sahil said, powerhouse roster. loved it. congrats on a great performance and shoutout to my CBS lovers- komil, megha, ravi, simran
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    Carolina Bhangra Squad at BBC 2013

    CBS had a blast dancing together at BBC and are looking forward to the next time we can make this happen. Congrats to all teams for their hard work! Special shoutout to Cherag and Anu Selhi for helping us out throughout the weekend so much. Between finding us practice space, giving us rides...