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    Raakhe Virse De (RVD) - Fall 2019 (QCB/Burgh)

    Hey guys, literally no one does this anymore, but thought I would throw down a review for yall. Congrats on placing. Cons: -Some lack of standardization (like 0:56, 2:54, 3:32, 4:39), a lot it was at the drop where some people got a lot more hype than others, I would contend that everyone...
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    Bhangra move compendium

    Probably not the most helpful resource, but I love that this dude is in full Vardi and just walks into frame as if you caught him on a walk through the pind.
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    Bhangra move compendium

    A semantic point: teams in India often call moves different names than what is the convention here. An Ustaad I worked with in Ludhiana called many moves differently than what we call them and commented that it's different even among teams in India. That all being said, I think this is an...
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    BB26 Results/Feedback

    I didn't compete at blowout, so I can't speak to the judging feedback, but I think a perspective that could be added to this conversation is the fact that the people who run these competitions aren't always long-time Bhangra dancers who are well-versed in the circuit, the judges and the various...
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    Advice on hip "snapping"

    I have seen and personally experienced a similar issue. It is likely due to poor flexibility in your hip adductors and hip abductors. Stretching your groin along with your hamstrings and quadriceps may be able to improve the issue. the snapping itself should not be an issue unless it is also...
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    US's First All-Women's Competition -- Apply Now!

    Props to you guys for fostering an environment where all-female teams can get the spotlight-pushing boundaries and re-framing perspectives!
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    qualifications for judging?

    I blame @hardeep_singh
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    Circuit Reform

    I think that what collegiate teams lack in form and stage presence in comparison to independent teams they can compensate with cleanliness, energy and formations. I think the circuit could benefit from another collegiate-only competition where more nascent collegiate teams can get a footing into...
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    qualifications for judging?

    Most of what needs to be said has already been said, as someone who is interested in judging, and has had dancing experience, it can be a frustrating paradox that you can't judge even small competitions without having judged before as @priyanka.ram1997 mentioned-which makes it hard to build up...
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    Worst judging screw jobs in bhangra

    lol almost every BBC
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    BU Bhangra @ Boston Bhangra 2018 (3rd Place)

    There is something really cool about watching a team in their hometown, the dancers are hype, the crowd is hype. I think the fact that a majority of the male dancers were FAUJ dancers raised my expectations-and I think the above comments were partly based on the assumption that this set was...
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    VanCity Bhangra Coed - Elite 2018 - Second place

    Congrats on second place. Vancity has a unique style and execution that I am happy to see continues to grow with new dancers. What this performance did well: -Choreo and style were unique (didn't feel derivative) -Interesting use of formations for drops -Good use of stage -Splitting guys and...
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    **Applications released for Crossroads of Bhangra 2019**

    Happy to see this competition return, we need more competitions like these that open up the floor for less-established teams. I hope issues with transportation and communication between the Executive Board and dancers has been resolved! Thread for reference...
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    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ BBC 2018 (1st Place)

    Enjoyed this performance, really liked seeing some new faces and new talent. With regards to what I liked, @Shahrukh brings up a good point and I wholeheartedly agree, the middle 3rd of this set flows incredible well with regards to pacing and choreography. And I think some of the more...
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    Continuing bhangra in med school?

    Can definitely corroborate what Raghav and Angela said. Practice and competitions certainly make it harder to keep up with clinic and school, but setting hard deadlines and continually striking a balance generally make it possible. That being said, medical curriculum is changing and there are...