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    Farishtey @ NDC 2020 (1st Place + Best Mix)

    What's up y'all! I want to start off by congratulating DDR and CMU on their placings and the rest of the teams for putting up such great performances! Y'all are keeping the circuit as strong and fresh as ever. I'm going to give a list of shoutouts because this weekend definitely would not have...
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    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    DRP ordered khunde from Howie a couple weeks before blowout. They came in like a week and are super clean/leightweight. We recommend HSA for your prop needs!
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    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    LOL we'd clap any UK coed team
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    Week 4 Matchup 6: sahota productions vs. A Minhas productions

    Yoo I liked both but DJ 2 got it for me at the end
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    Week 4 Matchup 5: Amundeep vs. Akash Bansal

    They're were both solid imo. Ima go with DJ 1 though