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    Also, a $500 "entry booking" fee? If that's supposed to be registration, your price is too high.
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    Bhangra move compendium

    "chicken...pumps.." we're kind of ignorant. ? Good stuff tho @Jahordon ! Excited to see what comes about.
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    Shikke Rental

    Hi all, Trying to help some friends out in the greater chicago area for 12-20 shikke for 3-4 weeks rent. If you're from Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana and can rent out your saaps for that time period, please msg me. Thank You.
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    Worst judging screw jobs in bhangra

    These types of threads are always the best :D
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    qualifications for judging?

    Strongly affiliated judges with competing teams is going to lead to a world of issues in any circumstance. It also delegitimizes the placing of the affiliated team in question with a "they only placed because so and so used to dance/captained them x amount of years ago." I'm sure there are...
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    qualifications for judging?

    @ericsingh3 should be judging more competitions.
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    Capital Bhangra at Maryland Mauj 2019

    you are toooooo dirty, Bradley
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    "Captain Bhangra" by VanCity

    hahaha great job! this was amazing.
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    Looking for Non collegiate team in NC

    I would message @kdshah -I believe he runs his academy in the same area.
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    Illini Bhangra 2017-2018 Season

    Thanks for resharing!
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    Are there active Bhangra groups/teams in san francisco?

    Not sure what your experience and style you're looking for, but simply for the love of dancing, Empire seems to make it pretty easy to sign up.
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    Best Team In Each State.......

    Good thread. Would like to see this updated with active teams.
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    Boston Bhangra 2018 Videos

    echoing @amancheema , the quality was also awesome - always appreciate your content, @hardeep_singh !
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    Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Motor City Bhangra and Circle City Bhangra

    Above all else, I'm glad this team has had the chance to experience multiple competitions since Clutch. Props to Y'all @SheenaKothari, @priyanka.ram1997 , @ericsingh3, and the rest of the squad for putting this together and keeping it going. To emerge as a new team these days is easy, but to...
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    Bhangra Blowout 25 (2018) Predictions

    lol beat me to it.