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    Any available online competitions?
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    BTF Judging Directory

    So we're trying to create a public BTF database as a public resource for comps to easily find judges. The way we're trying to achieving that is getting everyone to fill out this form and put all this information on a giant public directory for everyone to see. Process What'll happen is, you...
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    can we use this site more

    I think the only way to get this site more traction if we can make an app for our phones, not on my computer much except for work
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    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    So Howie made this awesome set of saaps that I got for a few of my friends as a graduation/we’re all done captaining gift. Red saap with a white interior and he was able to etch in the words “Forever First Class” and the FCB logo. Honestly, it is the coolest bhangra related gift I have ever seen...
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    Bhangra Judging system.Should it be changed?

    Honestly, and I understand how this would probably never happen. But I’d want judges to have a brief 10 min discussion with every team in the room and just overall talk about why they placed the way they placed and then have individual meetings with each team. Or honestly, just have a 30ish...
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    Lighting Cues

    First and foremost ask if the venue can provide a list of lighting cues they have. Then you can ask for something they can actually do and you can avoid a lot of hassles. If not I try to be as descriptive as possible. When you’re asking for lights to turn on, say “white lights 100%” be sure to...
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    Should the circuit be looking to use other videographers than GTV who actually upload videos?

    Hey sorry about that @Danceinyourpants the first post by a new account is always auto flagged for approval by a mod just because a lotta new rando accounts from china are made tryna advertise some really random stuff.
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    Championships of Bhangra Placings & Reviews

    I've been to quite a few comps and I gotta give it up to @Carolina Indian Arts for throwing an absolute dope comp their first year at it. From beginning to end easily shows this is a comp run by Bhangra dancers that understand what bhangra teams need. Before the Comp: I can only really talk...
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    qualifications for judging?

    Nah dawg, Lavesh is legit. Like don't get me wrong I don't agree with everything he says and he definitely has said some things I give some side eye too. But if you pick his brain and make an attempt to reach out and understand his critiques you can learn so much from the dude. Like personally...
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    qualifications for judging?

    @Queen City Bhangra I'd agree with what @smehta313 said. Like I should probably never judge FCB ever because it's been my main team for 4 years. Maybe like 5 years from now when I'm not super attached. But I've also danced on Furteelay and MOB for a comp or two and I personally think I can judge...
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    Professional teams leveraging collegiate resources (and vice versa)

    aight so I can't speak to BU/FAUJ but I can speak about FCB/Pitt/CMU. I think your question is def warranted, mainly because I think not only you, but a lotta peeps in the circuit just aren't aware of how we actually work. FCB is pretty much only Pitt students, at pretty much any given time...
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    Review: East Coast Showdown 2019

    @sriharifez imma just bookmark this for future reference for any comp that doesn't wanna Z score their judges from now on. Thank you so much for this
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    Resources for learning Punjabi?

    Be like Ian and just go to Punjab