1. artsycake01

    Trying out for my college’s bhangra team

    Hey guys! I’m an incoming 2nd year in college. I tried out for my school’s bhangra team in the beginning of the year (beginning of my freshman year) and at the time, I had zero experience with bhangra, but I do have experience with modern, ballet, and classical dance (kuchipudi). Unfortunately...
  2. Queen City Bhangra


    HEY EVERYONE, Queen City Bhangra here! For those of you unfamiliar with the name Bearcat Bhangra, we are the team that hosted Queen City Bhangra. Bearcat Bhangra is affiliated with the University of Cincinnati but we are now accepting dancers from ANYWHERE IN THE MIDWEST AREA! If you are from...
  3. Tejas Khorana

    Looking to join a team in the Bay Area!

    I'm moving to the Bay Area in a few days and I'd be super interested in getting involved on a competitive Bhangra team. I've had the privilege of competing on Bollywood Fusion teams in college and have been to a few Bhangra classes. I love the culture around it and always want to learn more...