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    First and foremost, thank you to every team that participated at Bhangra State of Mind VI; we truly enjoyed watching you all pour your hearts out on stage after endless hours of practices. All the sweat and tears that went into late nights and early mornings clearly showed through each...
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    Bhangra State of Mind VI Lineup

    BSM IS ECSTATIC TO ANNOUNCE OUR 6TH YEAR'S LINEUP! HERE IT IS FOLKS: MUSIC 1. Gabroo Gulab Wargey | Central Valley, CA 2. Mehak Punjab Di | Manteca, CA 3. Pehchann Apni Nachdi Jandi (PANJ) Bhangra | Surrey, B.C. 4. VanCity Bhangra | Surrey, B.C. 5. Virse De Shokeen | Central Valley, CA 6. VIBE...
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    Bhangra State of Mind V Lineup

    Thank you to all the teams that showed interest in Bhangra State of Mind V. We look forward to putting together yet another successful competition this year! After deliberating, we have determined this year's lineup. We appreciate all the teams that took their time out to apply to BSM V...
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    BSM V Late Registration Deadline

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! A little reminder: LATE REGISTRATION is due on November 30th, 2017 | 11:59 PM PST | $295.00 REGISTER YOUR TEAMS NOW BEFORE YOU MISS IT! Please access the registration packet and judging rubrics with the link below...
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    (BSM V) Bhangra State of Mind V Competition Registration DEADLINE

    ATTENTION!!! REGULAR REGISTRATION deadline for BSM is one week away! Regular Registration | November 18th, 2017 | 11:59 PM PST | $245.00 Late Registration | November 30th, 2017 | 11:59 PM PST | $295.00 Please access the registration packet and judging rubrics with the link below...
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    Hello everyone, Sorry for the delay, but WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD AND ECSTATIC TO RELEASE BHANGRA STATE OF MIND V'S REGISTRATION PACKET. The competition will be held on January 14th, 2018 at the Community Center Theater in the heart of Downtown Sacramento. Early Registration| October 18th...
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    Bhangra State of Mind V Competition

    We are proud to announce this year Bhangra State of Mind V will be held in the heart of downtown Sacramento. Registration and competition dates will be announced on Monday. Stay tuned!!!
  8. GSingh

    NorCal Naujawan *WINTER SESSION* Competition Mix

    Hey BTF, Below is Norcal's Winter mix! We competed at: Legacy of Bhangra (2nd Place) Bhangra State of Mind (1st Place) Reign of Bhangra (Results Pending :o) West Coast Bhangra (Matchup Winner) Hope you enjoy and share :)
  9. GSingh

    NorCal Naujawan @ West Coast Bhangra 2017

    Hi everyone, We had a great time competing at West Coast Bhangra this year against Apni Sardari Apni Pehchan (ASAP!). We loved the matchup format that forced each team to think beyond just having a good Bhangra set. We've had quite the busy month hitting 3 competitions in 4 weeks: Legacy of...
  10. gdholi7

    BSM 4 review

    Before I go any further, my review does not represent any team or group. This is my personal opinion. Mixer: the venue was at the hotel which was super clutch. Typical games and line up selection, nothing more than that. Tech time: it was slightly delayed but 20 mins which isn’t bad compared...
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING TEAMS: LIVE 1st PLACE: Royal Folk Nation 2nd PLACE: Royal Bhangra Girls MUSIC 1st PLACE: Norcal Naujawan 2nd PLACE: Pehchann Apni Nachdi Jandi Thank you to all of the teams, the audience, sponsors, hosts, and the "Royal" team that made BSM IV possible and...