1. WestCoastBhangraComp

    West Coast Bhangra V Placings!!!

    Congratulations to all 8 teams for putting on a phenomenal show this weekend! WCB V was a huge success and audience was blown away by the talent on stage. Special shoutout to our three placing teams: 1) Mehak Punjab Di 2) Abbotsford Arts Academy 3) Gabroo Gulab Wargey Thank you to our judges...
  2. GSingh

    ♪♫ Norcal Naujawan @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017 MIX ♫♪

    Hello everyone, Below is Norcal's Legacy of Bhangra Mix from this year! Hope you enjoy :)
  3. GSingh

    Norcal Naujawan @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017

    Hi everyone, linked below is Norcal's performance from a week ago at Legacy of Bhangra in San Jose, CA. Please share your thoughts either in this thread or PM me! Any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated. The mix will be released soon :) Congratulations to Soormay and the Vancity...
  4. GSingh

    NorCal Naujawan *WINTER SESSION* Competition Mix

    Hey BTF, Below is Norcal's Winter mix! We competed at: Legacy of Bhangra (2nd Place) Bhangra State of Mind (1st Place) Reign of Bhangra (Results Pending :o) West Coast Bhangra (Matchup Winner) Hope you enjoy and share :)
  5. GSingh

    NorCal Naujawan @ West Coast Bhangra 2017

    Hi everyone, We had a great time competing at West Coast Bhangra this year against Apni Sardari Apni Pehchan (ASAP!). We loved the matchup format that forced each team to think beyond just having a good Bhangra set. We've had quite the busy month hitting 3 competitions in 4 weeks: Legacy of...