1. P

    Grips for saaps/shikke?

    I want to put grips on my saaps/shikke to make them more comfortable for me and my team to use, anybody have any tried and tested methods that have worked for them? I know one method is to use electrical tape, but that sometimes peels off overtime and causes my hands to sweat a lot.
  2. D

    Need 14 plastic saap to rent

    We are doing a charity fundraiser for homeless kids in May and need 14 plastic saaps to rent here in CA. Since its just one time we may be performing and that too for charity therefore don't want to buy. Would really appreciate if someone could help us. Thanks in advance.
  3. Howie Magz

    New Potential Products from HSA Bhangra Props

    Hey BTF, HSA would like to thank all of our customers this past Fall for placing their shikke orders with us. We really do appreciate and take pride in the kind reviews and the satisfaction of all our customers. We come to you dancers on BTF with a interesting proposition! We are currently...