1. Indy K

    UK Bhangra Scene - What Happened?

    Hey guys, I'm sure the above question has crossed everyone's mind during the last couple of years considering GCC won the last 2 professional competitions in a row, and the last professional competition was in 2018. So, where's the UK scene gone? Well, I was lucky enough to have one of the...
  2. HdBrar

    The Bhangra Showdown (TBS) 2018 Videos

    Side Note: This comp, hands down, has the best venue I've seen, and production is on point. Videos aren't in any particular order
  3. HdBrar

    The Bhangra Showdown 2017 - Performance Videos

    EDIT - Official TBS videos have been released! Thanks Prabhzy for posting them. Not in all inclusive list but will update as videos get released. Official video releases by TBS Committee haven't been made yet but otherwise, here's some videos of the performance! Enjoy. University of...