1. jasmin21

    Vardi Maintenance

    Hi, I wanted to know what the best ways of organizing/cleaning vardi. We have had many broken and overflowing suitcases over the past few years and our system is honestly not the best. Currently, we have individual bags for each vardi thrown into a big suitcase and some in trash bags. I have...
  2. priyanka.ram1997

    LOOKING TO BUY CHADRE!! - Sherniyan Di Sarkar

    Hi Everyone!! SDS is looking to buy 16 chadre (used or new)! We are looking for plain colored ones and we have attached a picture of our vardiyan colors below. We would like to have them shipped to us by Oct. 28th. If you know anyone selling them please message me! Colors we're looking for: Red...
  3. Howie Magz

    New Potential Products from HSA Bhangra Props

    Hey BTF, HSA would like to thank all of our customers this past Fall for placing their shikke orders with us. We really do appreciate and take pride in the kind reviews and the satisfaction of all our customers. We come to you dancers on BTF with a interesting proposition! We are currently...