Should the circuit be looking to use other videographers than GTV who actually upload videos?


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Things that GTV does right:
  • Video Quality: GTV videos have a completely different look and feel then anyone else recording dance videos out there. The audio quality is awesome when there are no technical difficulties, and the videos make you feel like you're in the audience.
  • Content: The behind the scenes content, going to competitions in multiple countries. No one else out there in the bhangra circuit can or will gather the amount of content that he puts together.
  • He cares about the culture.
The first solution, hiring staff, is what is needed and should be top priority. As someone mentioned previously, Harjot has a lot on his plate, a 9-5 job, family, and GTV just to start, who knows what else. To my knowledge, he runs this primarily by himself. Hiring a staff will allow Harjot to focus on bigger picture items while his staff can focus on the operational aspects of the business.
- there is nothing unique about the video quality, 4k at 30fps is generic, i was impressed recently by the 4k 60fps videos coming out of the UK. Gtv gets the team mixes from the competition and is able to add and mix those with his videos, nothing really special about that. He's used audio from one of my videos in the past.

-the amount of content is easy to compile as well, it's not that difficult to record videos of mixers, teams practicing, teams getting ready. I'd say his personality and reputation are actually detrimental to gathering genuine content.

-no, he doesn't care about culture, because if he genuinely cared about the culture he wouldn't put conditions and restrictions on how that culture is presented/released.

i disagree with your idea for GTV becoming an organization, it doesn't resolve his bias towards teams/people or correct for any of his past shitty behavior. saying he has a lot on his plate is a weak excuse, there are plenty of people associated with the circuit who have a lot more on their plate and manage to never use that as an excuse for shitty behavior. there are people out there working 9-5, who are married, run bhangra academies, and teach kids, if gtv doesn't have the bandwidth to manage something as easy as recording competitions, he should back out and let better people take the lead. again recording culture should never be considered a "business" if you're doing it for the sake of the community behave in a way that doesn't conflict with that mentality by being blatantly biased and whoring content to build your own fame.

i no longer have a connection to BBC or any other competition and I'm pretty much retired, my last project is to re-encode all my videos and make everything available for free download. here are other videographers who have done great work:

to reiterate, more people recording videos is what the circuit needs, people who record and share content without restrictions or conditions. everyone who wants to record videos, should be recording videos whether you got a $100 android phone or a $2000 dslr, any perspective has the potential to provide valuable view.