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Cherag said:
Honestly a faster set doesn't necessarily make it more difficult. Don't get me wrong I like to dance at a higher BPM but if it means you're short cutting moves, chill out because you're dancers aren't at that level or they aren't well trained enough to execute with more speed. Speed adds positive points for difficulty but can be detrimental if arms aren't at same level on a spinning Jhandu Singha where the Khunda is in one hand.

You're confusing me a little broski. How does set speed not make it more difficult to fully execute? You're right about the whole "don't do it if the team can't handle it." But please elaborate on why set speed doesn't make it more difficult.

Cherag said:
The level of competition was more intense back in the day man, I agree that there are more rubric qualified teams, but if you compare big hitters then to big hitters now, people who have known this circuit for the past 10 years like myself definitely lean toward that time period. Not because there was more excitement for those individuals at that, but because those performances or sets did touch hearts.

I do agree about big hitters then vs. now, there def was a bit more competitiveness back then. I will say It's unfortunate we can't actually witness an AEG bruin 2011 vs an NJ elite 2010. Or witness a AEG bruin 2014 vs SGPD Elite 2011. Or a BK bruin 2012 vs VCU 08/09 anything. We can speculate on who would have won what, but if we saw those live together on the same stage without having seen anything like it before, who knows.

Cherag said:
I've had teams come to me for advice on video critiques and things of that sort and sometimes my first question is "How do you think you did?", I'm astonished when I hear, "Oh....we just wanted a clean video, or a GTV video, or to just get an opportunity to be on stage with other great teams." While every team is entitled doing bhangra for their own reason, which I respect, it just comes off as a less competitive mindset than back in the day. I danced and played Dhol with friends on Northeastern University and Boston University and at that time when all these big hitting teams came to BBC, these college teams were still like "We got this let's do it, we can place our sets gonna be fire!" Having that mentality goes back to my point where nowadays people do it for weird reasons which is also a whole different can of worms lol.
This is a weird observation for me. Some good teams face the inability to even get accepted into competitions. As time has went on, there are less and less competitions. Thus, teams can't even get a big stage to compete on. So while it may astonish you, don't be surprised. When you get rejected from so many comps, "winning" might be one of the last things on your mind. A "clean video" could be what allows them into the next one. Competing on a big stage could be something they just want to enjoy because it's such a commodity, and for the next one they'll go for the jugular.

Idk. I could be wrong. But I remember what it was like on scb and getting into literally no comps. And I guess I also find it hard to believe, that before going on stage, all of these teams in the huddle were not saying such things as "go destroy this stage." But again, I could be wrong.

But to the point, all of this to me, makes the circuit we have today pretty damn competitive.

Cherag said:
And to do it your own way I'm saying follow the rubric but go beyond the rubric and be remembered for your performance. Don't settle is the big thing I want to say I guess. You can win and place if you do it your own way, I've seen it done back in the day and now.

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