Your very own bhangra comp


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I like the way you think JasK..........also, I never noticed there were so many live teams in NA...nice
Dude ive been thinking of this comp for a long time...talked to a lot of organizers, but the FREE aspect of it just doesn't seem appealing to a lot of people. A lot of people don't throw bhangra comps any more for the reason of bhangra, but throw them for reasons of making money which really sucks. But id love to see a outdoor bhangra comp that's free in the summer in Surrey. I was thinking the Millennium Park where the jazzy b mela a couple years ago was held in Cloverdale wud be the perfect competition place.

I Also went to Bakersfield about 3 or 4 years back with SFU giddha team ( i played dholki for them) and they had the entire show outdoors, Sabar Koti (dunt mind my spelling) was the guest performer. One of the best competitions ive been to. The whole outdoor aspect of it worked perfectly. Also, Bhangra NAtions west held their giddha portion of their competition in the summer at a park in Vancouver at the half time of a Kabbadi Tournament. Everything was free here. This is how it should be. A MELA.
three words: BEAR CREEK up with people who throw the Gadhre babeyaan da mela. They will have that program earlier in the day and you could use the same stage for the bhangra comp later.....That mela is always held in the summer in beautiful surrey weather. AHHHH MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!! that would be so sick. Bear creek park already has nice bleachers, and nice grass to sit on.
Thats a pretty good idea...but that show is already soo jam packed with...but ima push that towards Paji Guys...ill get hold of one of em and ask them...


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you'd be suprised how many people still compete only for getting their name out there.

But then again i only know that of T-DOT teams. hence why the competitions here are so tight, everyone here is hell bent on putting the other team down.