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Discussion in 'Main Bhangra Discussion' started by Saleem, May 31, 2008.

  1. leenz16

    leenz16 New Member

    Name: Harleen Kaur[/size]Team Affiliation(s): Brick city bhangra (newark), SHU bhangra.Favorite Artists: Anmol gagan maan, Ranjit bawa, Raashi sood, PropheCFavorite Competition: WBBC Favorite Food: Daal jk butter chickenInterests: Hanging out with cool people, bhangra, singing.

  2. surreyindia

    surreyindia New Member

    Name: Tejinder Singh
    Team Affiliation(s): Creative Director, Surrey India Arts Club
    Favorite Artist:
    Favorite Song:
    Favorite Competition:
    Favorite Food:Interests: Dancing and Promoting Folk Dances of Punjab
  3. rmahil98

    rmahil98 New Member

    Name: Roopinder Singh Mahil
    Team Affiliation(s): Virginia School of Bhangra (VSB), George Mason Bhangra (GMU)
    Favorite Artist: Gurdas Maan
    Favorite Song: Notorious Jatt
    Favorite Competition: Bhangra Blowout
    Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken
    Interests: Lifting, Wrestling, comic and movie nerd, video games, PC building, and of course Bhangra
  4. jatinder singh

    jatinder singh New Member

  5. jaisnoorsaund

    jaisnoorsaund New Member

    Name: Jaisnoor Saund (jaz)
    Team Affiliation(s): San Diego Bhangra Crew (SDBC, its not well known, we're just starters)
    Favorite artist: Ammy Virk
    Favorite Song: Fulke
    Favorite Competition: Bruin
    Favorite food: naan with shahi paneer
    Interests: Bhangra, track & field (pole vault and sprints), soccer, working out, learning about the punjabi culture ;D
  6. Jatin_BITS_PILANI

    Jatin_BITS_PILANI New Member

    Hello everyone, I had moved to New Jersey from Punjab just 4 months ago. And now ready to follow my passion: Bhangra. I'm looking to join a team; I don't have any experience before but would love to learn from experienced members of our society.

    Name: Jatin Kashyap
    Team Affiliation(s): NJIT Bhangra (Want to start it soon after learning myself from our community)
    Favorite Artist: Sharry Maan
    Favorite Song: Kudiye Chidiye
    Favorite Competition: N/A
    Favorite Food: Amritsari Naan
    Interests: Bhangra, Music Listening
  7. pac_4_ever

    pac_4_ever New Member

    New member here, Happy New Year to all! Anybody have a bhangra cd/tape collection? Hit me up, got a huge collection
  8. RCD

    RCD New Member

    Hi! This is Ruby. do you have bhangra saaps?
  9. RCD

    RCD New Member

  10. sunny.singh

    sunny.singh New Member

    Name: Sunny
    Team Affiliation(s): UW Bhangra
    Favorite Artist: Jazzy B, Bindrakhia, G Mann,
    Favorite Song: Many many
    Favorite Competition: blowout
    Favorite Food: aloo paranthe
    Interests: soccer, hoccey, bhangra oh yeah

    Just joined and learning so much already.
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  11. Raman23

    Raman23 New Member

    Name: Raman
    Team Affiliation(s): UK Bhangra
    Favorite Artist: Kuldeep Manak, Kaka
    Favorite Song: Too many
    Favorite Competition: TBC
    Interests: Bhangra, Football
  12. deg216

    deg216 New Member

    Name: Devika Gupta
    Team Affiliation(s): LU Bhangra
    Favorite Artist: Diljit, Sharry Maan
    Favorite Song: love too many
    Favorite Competition: N/A
    Interests: Bhangra, Bharatnatyam, Hip Hop
  13. Tejas Khorana

    Tejas Khorana New Member

    Name: Tejas Khorana
    Team Affiliation: Isaafi and Tufaan @ Georgia Tech (Bollywood fusion teams)
    Favorite Artist: Lil’ Wayne
    Favorite Song: Lately it would have to be Style by Offlicence
    Favorite Comp: Never been to a Bhangra comp. yet!
    Favorite Food: If you count Burfi as food… but if you don’t I’d have to say Chicken 65.
    Interests: Dance (Bhangra, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood), anything Business, Health, or Tech-related (I’m easy), philosophy, Skiing, Dungeons and Dragons, Anime, gaming, and hiking/exploring abandoned sites.
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  14. Prabhjot Ramgharia

    Prabhjot Ramgharia New Member

    1.Prabhjot ramgharia
    2. khalsa college team..patiala
    3 Artist. Nusrat fateh ali khan
    4 ni ik meri akh kashni (surinder kaur)
    5. Jo v swaad lge..
    6 interst - bhangra ; gatka ; singing
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