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    That's the point, applying and taking part are very different experiences with this competition.
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    Having experienced bhangra wars first hand, I personally wouldn't recommend it to any established team here nevermind those from overseas. Poorly organised, strange rules/restrictions and constant changes have always let this competition down. It was the only option for independent teams...
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    Gabru Chel Chabileh - 1st Place at The Bhangra Competition

    Thank you for all the feedback folks :) side angle from the crowd linked below, all the other teams are on the channel as well.
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    PLEASE POST a The Bhangra Competiton 2014 Review

    This comp pretty much ran itself. We arrived in the afternoon to be told..."do what you want but be ready by showtime you have the freedom to come and go as you please until 6pm" that's all we needed. We were provided with plenty of water and there were places to get food across the road...
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    Gabru Chel Chabileh - 1st Place at The Bhangra Competition

    Chadreh were definitely an issue for almost all of us, it was less how they were tied but more that the material itself was super thin and light. Three placings as previously mentioned. All the videos can be found on here Aside from the glaringly obvious mistakes...
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    East Side Story - Blues Punjabi Band

    enjoyed the guitar, I think I would've enjoyed it more though if the vocals were stronger.
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    World Cup 2014 - Who you rooting for?

    Well since we're out (England) I guess it's only right I support Chileeeee! just love how they have played.
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    JusReign Physique critique!

    haha Jordan you do realise Gurinderjit is the guy in the video? so you've pretty much asked him directly ;)
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    Date announcement: Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2014

    battle of the east...then west....then uber elite from the top 3/4 of each in a final comp? only logical thing that comes to mind.
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    Introducing the Learn Bhangra App - Coming Soon!

    Well there's one more thing we can say we have an app for. Nice work :)
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    TAG Stop-Motion Animation Video

    how long did that take to put together?
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    Going clean shaven for competition?

    Oh good lord, go to sleep Bhanu :/
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    VCU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 21 (GTVHD)

    Unfortunate situation with the pagh but I think any dancer can understand the panic moment she went through, maybe tying her hair up like a gutti would've been smarter? I dunno. As always with VCU, I enjoyed the set a lot but I think I preferred the burgh routine just a little more in terms of...
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    **World's Best Bhangra Crew Official Mixtape 2k14!**

    Sargam this is you we're talking about, you'd only need a disclaimer if there wasn't explicit content.
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    Koi Mor Liavo Ni, Bhangra Mera Margeya Ni Bhangra Mera Margeya

    "VCU Bhangra at Burgh 2008 is still the best coed set of all time" this.