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    Is this the comp happening in Houston today?
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    Bhangra returning to Toronto!!!! Bhangra in the 6ix!!!!

    Too everyone who posted earlier hoping for NYPD…. Pretty sure NYPD retired after Bhangra at the Bell 2
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    Bruin Bhangra Predictions!

    Prediction- Furteelay de musch fut gabru. ;)
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    CMU Bhangra Blowout Mix

    Was the Rangla Punjab part around 5:16 made in house by CMU or is it from a separate remix of the original song?
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    Bhangra Blowout 23 Predictions

    1. CMU/MBT 2. CMU/MBT 3. UVA
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    Boiler Bhangra 2016 Cancelled?

    Damn maybe there are new people running this comp because I competed here the first year it happened (in 2013) and had a great time and thought for the most part everything went well.
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    Nachde Nashville 2016 Lineup!

    Sick lineup, some well established powerhouse teams going to this comp. Rejecting a team that placed the previous year is jaloose though lol. Anyways…. Go MBT!!!
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    Fire Missing From the Circuit

    Although I have stopped following Bhangra to an extent after graduating undergrad, I have to agree. No longer are there rivalries like SGPD/NJ, the domination by teams like VCU placing first at comp after comp. I think a lot of it has to do with the dancers of that era have retired. It's up to...
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    Boston Bhangra Competition 2015 Predictions

    1. Cornell/VIRSA 2. DCMPAA/DRP/Boston Univ. 3. Any of the above or MBT
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    ALBUM: Amar Sandhu & PRANNA - "New Era"

    So these are all the songs that were gonna be in the album Amar announced on some radio talk show called "Sandhua"?
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    Bhangra Blowout Placings

    Congrats Cornell! From what I remember your team was a bit disappointed last time you competed at this competition, so great job. Congrats UVA from making it within the top 2 three years in a row and CMU up there again.