1. angeblah

    Duniya De Rang 2019-2020 Season Videos

    Hiya BTF, On behalf of Ashley Espinoza and me, Duniya De Rang would like to formally present our latest performances from Burgh 2019 and NDC 2020. We are proud of what we have accomplished during this short season. It could not have been achieved without the full force of every single...
  2. angeblah

    Duniya De Rang @ BXB 2017: Video & Mix

    Hi everyone, Duniya De Rang (DDR) is proud to present our debut performance from Big 10 Bhangra (BXB). We dedicate this to all the dancers & mentors who made bhangra a meaningful part of our lives: Red: Nathan Ellebracht (Emory, Cal) and Ashley Espinoza (Alamo) Blue: Howie Magaro (AEG) and...