1. Howie Magz

    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    Hi Everyone, My name is Howie Magaro and I am one of the founders of HSA Bhangra Props alongside Ankush Vermani ( @Ankush) and Suhail Rawal ( @suhail_rawal ). We are currently revealing to the public formally, that we are making plastic saaps to buy. We also offer khunday to buy as well and we...
  2. GW Bhangra

    Khunde Advice

    Hello everyone! We're GW Bhangra, from George Washington University. We're excited to get back into the competitive circuit but first we need to refurnish equipment! What do teams normally use for khunde? Since we are a student-organization, we have a limited budget, so cheaper but durable is...