1. DJ Jet

    DJ JET & Klasikhz - Industry Standard

    Honored to have worked with Klasikhz to create "Industry Standard" - soak in the record and enjoy the story told in the piece! This track sets the bar for the rest of the album. Take a close listen and pick up on the subtleties throughout: Out on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and many more...
  2. srikarran


    Mixtape compiling a bunch of segments that weren't performed due to the short season this past year! follow @krrnmixes on instagram for updates
  3. srikarran

    Area - Bunny Gill (Remix)

  4. O


    Check out the official announcement on the link below: For any questions regarding the DJ Remix Challenge, you can contact Gary Bassi or Chan Mundha Wala on Instagram SINGER: Gary Bassi (@garybassiofficial) MUSIC...
  5. J

    KANGNA | The Summer Remix | Bhangra Version (Prod. By Dj Juggy)

    Let me know your thoughts, something I produced for this summer. Had to bring one of my favourite songs back to life, if anyone is interested in the Kangna acapella DM me. Thanks
  6. CaliDholConnect

    Urban Bhangra Mashup

    Check out my Urban Bhangra Mashup! If any teams want to use the mix or a track, email me and I can send the version without the DJ drop! <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
  7. DJMonte-S

    Punjabi Mega Mashup 2017 | Diljit Dosanjh | Mankirt Aulakh | Sidhu Moosewala | Guru Randhawa Etc

    The Biggest Mashup of the year 2017 is Running Worldwide and breaking all the Download Records. Available in all the Free Music websites. Youtube link:- Free download link is in youtube's description. Tracks Used:- Garry Sandhu & Jasmine sandlas - Laddu Sidhu Moosewala - Issa jatt...
  8. J

    DJ Juggy | 30 in 30 Mix Challenge | BBC ASIAN NETWORK

  9. S

    Nasheyan Thon Mask Off (Live Mix) - Ranjit Mani x Future - mixed by C-KLINE

    Check out this mix guys Regarding this mix, C-KLINE had this to say: " Check out this live mix of 'Nasheyan Thon Dhoor' by Ranjit Mani and 'Mask Off' by the world famous rapper, Future. The Punjabi lyrics go into explaining the negatives of taking drugs and being involved in gangs; it's a must...
  10. srikarran

    So High - Sidhu Moose Wala Sample

    Something I had made a while back but just posted. Any critiques or comments would be appreciated!
  11. srikarran

    Issa Jatt (Dhol Mix) - kRRn

  12. DJMonte-S

    Guru Randhawa x Charlie Puth - High Rated Attention [DJ Monte-S Bhangra Trap Remix]

    After a blast of #SeratoBhangra5, Punjabi Mashup King is back after 1.8 year. #GuruRandhawa #CharliePuth with #BhangraTrap Beats Don't forget to share it, comment it on youtube \m/ Enjoy Watch Mashup Video:- Song name:- Guru Randhawa x Charlie Puth - High Rated Attention [DJ Monte-S Bhangra...
  13. srikarran

    Mi Gente BollyBhangra Mashup

    Would love to hear thoughts on this!
  14. srikarran

    Back 2 School Bhangra Mix

    Hello btf! Released this mix and would appreciate comments from the community! I started mixing just before this summer and appreciate all the help I've received from everyone. Feel free to express what you liked or didn't right here or inbox me!
  15. Armaan

    Unforgettable Superstar (Armani Remix)

    Made a mashup with Unforgettable by French Montana and Superstar by SukhE/Musical Doctorz/DivyaBhatt. Trying to put out some more tracks to close the summer out niiiice. Please share and like if you enjoy it!
  16. CaliDholConnect

    Kaur Power Workout

    My latest mix is now on SoundCloud! 6 female sung Bhangra tracks under 5 minutes. If anyone wants to use the mix let know so I can send you the version without the DJ drop.
  17. PR∅PHƎTS

    Engine Te Bhangra (PR∅PHƎTS Remix) - Gupz Sehra

    No SC link (It was removed earlier today due to copyright) WAV MP3