1. P

    Grips for saaps/shikke?

    I want to put grips on my saaps/shikke to make them more comfortable for me and my team to use, anybody have any tried and tested methods that have worked for them? I know one method is to use electrical tape, but that sometimes peels off overtime and causes my hands to sweat a lot.
  2. Mr Sandhu

    Saaps for Sale

    I'm selling some saaps. Check them out: SAAPS FOR SALE
  3. S

    does anyone have any saaps for rent?

    Hey guys, for our school international day, we were wondering if anyone has any SAAPS for RENT? Need them before august!! It'll be great if anyone has at least 5, and it'll be really convenient if they are in SYDNEY!
  4. simsingh


    Hey guys, my bhangra team needs saaps to rent asap until April 21st which is the day of our show. It would be the biggest help if somebody could let us rent from them!! if you have saaps available, please contact me through (586)819-6632 (no callers outside of the US please). Thank you so much
  5. Howie Magz

    New Potential Products from HSA Bhangra Props

    Hey BTF, HSA would like to thank all of our customers this past Fall for placing their shikke orders with us. We really do appreciate and take pride in the kind reviews and the satisfaction of all our customers. We come to you dancers on BTF with a interesting proposition! We are currently...
  6. N

    Looking to buy/rent vardis/saaps!

    Hi all, This is my first post on BTF! My team is looking to buy/rent vardis for men and wooden saaps. Looking for 12. Please let me know if anyone is selling! :) Thanks, Nilly
  7. Howie Magz

    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    Hi Everyone, My name is Howie Magaro and I am one of the founders of HSA Bhangra Props alongside Ankush Vermani ( @Ankush) and Suhail Rawal ( @suhail_rawal ). We are currently revealing to the public formally, that we are making plastic saaps to buy. We also offer khunday to buy as well and we...
  8. pmittal18

    Looking for Plastic Saaps

    Hello BTF! My name is Piyusha and I am co-captain of GU Jawani in D.C. My team currently has wooden shikkhe, but we're looking to buy up to 18 plastic saaps. Is anyone currently making/selling plastic saaps, or does anyone know of a vendor that is? We've tried to get in contact with a few...
  9. Pawandeep Bola

    Props Needed!

    Hi, everyone! I am on HooSher Bhangra, the team for Indiana University Bloomington. We are a fairly new team and still trying to collect proper props, vardis, etc. Does anyone know where we can order 16-18 quality saaps that can get to us in 1-2 months? Please let me know! Thank you! :)
  10. Houston Di Shaan


    Hey everyone! We are a brand new team from Houston, Texas and are looking for a set of plastic saaps to use! Please reach out to me on here or directly to if you have information on where we can purchase them! Thanks <3