uk bhangra

  1. Indy K

    UK Bhangra Scene - What Happened?

    Hey guys, I'm sure the above question has crossed everyone's mind during the last couple of years considering GCC won the last 2 professional competitions in a row, and the last professional competition was in 2018. So, where's the UK scene gone? Well, I was lucky enough to have one of the...
  2. WorldClassBhangra

    World Class Bhangra - the UK's new premium Bhangra competition!

    Hello BTF! We are excited to announce the UK’s new premium Bhangra competition set to take place in Summer 2020! Registration opens on 31st January 2020. This is open to all UK and international teams! Follow us on our social media pages for further information: Instagram: @WorldClassBhangra...
  3. Sonika Sethi

    Bhangra Dancers Awards Party

    Hey everyone! Team Bhangra Punjabian Da are launching the FIRST EVER Bhangra Dancers Awards Party in the UK. This will be happening in London on Sat 9th December, celebrating the best of UK Bhangra this year in a fun black tie dinner and dance. But here's how everyone can get involved -...
  4. Sonika Sethi

    History of UK Competitive Bhangra Scene

    Hi all! I've been working on a project for an award winning British Asian lifestyle magazine, Desiblitz, about the history of the UK competitive Bhangra scene. This came from my own interest in exploring its 10 year history and was fortunate to have over 15 notable captains, dancers and...