Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bruin Bhangra 2012 GTV


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its nice to finally see a BHANGRA performance! yeah i agree that gimmicks look sweet but after a while, they just start getting annoying. this was the last performance i saw and i probably enjoyed this one the most out of all the performances. it also says a lot about this performance when it placed at such a modern competition like bruin and had limited gimmicks. it shows that they truly brought the energy, the synchronization and overall, the wow factor to the overall set. great job ABC!


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This was the BEST set of that night. Overall the energy, fluidity, stamina, style, and Bhangra was all there, but hey maybe the judges thought otherwise. Actually I like your gimmicks better then the other groups because they didn't overpower the Bhangra aspect of the routine. Also Bhangra over cheap gimmicks all day! Keep it up guys