Toronto Elite Bhangra at Dhol Di Awaz 2009


faizan said:
1. spread out your formations, you guys looked really crowded.
2. clean your formations, way too many guys off.
3. sychro. your hands way more, and standardize moves.  I noticed the blue jodi was doing its own thing a lot.
4. your singer was not the best.
5. your routine was a little dull.

Overall a great performance though, only giving you the criticisms so you guys can improve.  

I hope you guys appreciate this more so than the people who just come on here and hype you up but give you nothing of substance.  Not you in particular, but all teams.
I agree with faizan. No offense to the toronto elite bhangra team as they are all individual skilled dancers however I am a bit baffled as to how this team took first place. They were alright, but I was expecting a lot more from them. Personally this routine did not stand out for me, and I am on par with faizan regarding his thoughts about the singer. I don't wanna say that teams were wrong or judges are wrong in the placings but it's just something that I as traditional dancer can't seem to find and recognize. It could be that since I have been exposed to live dancing for a very long time now and have seen many inspirational routines and naturally upon comparison I cannot understand what was so special about this performance. Only wished I could have seen it for myself.


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I guess this was perhaps a 'you had to be there' type performance because from what I heard it was amazing, but from what I can see from the video it was super messy and the dancers have different styles (SGPD/Rooh....etc) and it sticks out.


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I was honestly SO EXCITED to see TEB cuz of all the Hype, but they did not impress me!!!
They seemed like any Traditional team, BUT nothing really stood out, the energy was dull, no WOW factor, and the team was off!!
I didnt even think they were gonna place after I saw their performance!!!

COUPLE factors I think that made them PLACE:
-The only team to go ALL LIVE! (DDA is VERY TRADITIONAL!!!)
-Second last team to perform!

Its a good performance, but NOT first place worthy, especially with DDA's raw lineup!!!

Just my 2 cents! :-\


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i <3 Manna.

Definately one of those routines you had to see in person so much grace...absolutely stunning. It was worth the trip to cali to see them perform as well as VCU and Nachdi.

St8 Folk.


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Singer is :eek:. Red jodi and yellow jodi were especially sick, it wasn't the cleanest live performance I've seen but obviously talented dancers with great energy and grace made up for it. For a first performance this team came out with a bang, and I'm looking forward to seeing more performances of and hearing more from the singer!


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Dholaholic said:
was it just me or was there kato's on the ground that they didnt even use?
actually a lot of teams do dda, heerey even had 5 guys stand next to each other to measure places while the MC's were talking. Theres nothing wrong with it. as a result, their formations were clean as hell. its so hard to dance without markers because every stage is different. sometimes teams use the huge monitor speakers at the front of the stage as markers.