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    Review: East Coast Showdown 2019

    My name is Gayatri Sardana and I am the Bhangra Judging Chair for ECS 2019. This is my ninth time coordinating the judging process for a competition, but the first time that I have faced such allegations. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the claims made by DCMPAA...
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    Opinions needed on a potential competition in Miami, FL

    Miami is a great idea!! Even if it does conflict with other 'bigger' comps, there are so many teams in this circuit that you'll have plenty of great applicants anyways. Teams would love to fly out because the weather down there must be awesome, and if you could provide transportation from local...
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    Got Bhangra Competition 2016 Feedback and Placings

    This review is from the perspective of an audience member/guest of judge. Though I did not have as significant of a role throughout the comp, as an ex-director/board member of several competitions, I would like to offer my feedback. Mixer: Did not attend, but from what I saw on...
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    New Competition in Philadelphia

    pretty sure some philly schools are already putting it together and are pretty far along. good luck though!
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    Virginia Tech Bhangra @ NKD 2014

    You guys did an amazing job at NKD! I loved your performance and danced along side-stage :) i had a blast getting to know you guys (anish, sorry i didn't have more towels!) and hope to see you again at NKD next year!! <3 your favorite nkd co-chair
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    UNC Bhangra Elite @ NKD 2014!

    You guys did a wonderful job, I had a great time watching from side-stage We loved hosting UNC and hope to see you again! <3 your fangirl co-chair oh and the official video should go up tomorrow!