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    Any teams need a dholi?

    PM'd you!
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    Looking to join a team in the Bay Area!

    Hi! Sorry I haven't been on here in awhile, but people in San Francisco or surrounding area can email me: @lalfuture We have a pretty strict "experience required" rule, but shoot me an email and we can chat about it!
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    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    Dope idea, love the video showing how they're made. Good luck!! When will you start making khundey? Bamboo please.
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    Looking to join a team in the Bay Area!

    San Francisco Bhangra Club - PM'd you!
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    First Class Bhangra @ Clutch City Bhangra Competition (2017)--- 1st Place

    AMAZING. So many sick parts. I loved absolutely loved it! Congrats on first!
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    Launch: Union of Bhangra Judges (New Updates)

    Hi Hardeep, Valid comment -- I think I get where you're going with this, your point being it shouldn't be 2 people doing only what they think should be done, right? I assure this is not the case and neither myself or Kuntal will let it become that. We actually want to automate things and make...
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    Hey Sukha! I'm one of the people organizing the Union of Bhangra Judges. One of our big...

    Hey Sukha! I'm one of the people organizing the Union of Bhangra Judges. One of our big projects is a Database of Judges. We haven't built it yet but we have collected over 30 Judge Profiles + a private network of 38 judges I can reach out to directly. The profiles are of both seasoned...
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    Hurricane Bhangra Spring 2016 Performances

    Hi! A little late given you posted this 7 months ago haha but I was looking for random videos to watch (and practice using a rubric for an upcoming comp). I thought watching Hurricane would be fun, and I was right :) Here are some comments I have that might be useful as you get ready for the...
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    Launch: Union of Bhangra Judges (New Updates)

    Thank you HdBrar! You hit the nail on the head for summarizing one of our major goals. And we've tried to make it mutually beneficial by also providing resources to help comps. Just to clarify, certification will be annual. :)
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    Launch: Union of Bhangra Judges (New Updates)

    Thanks Faizan! I definitely hope to see more unionization ;) in other segments of the circuit. We purposely chose the name Union of Bhangra Judges hoping that a future Union of Bhangra Competitions and Union of Bhangra Teams will form. Perhaps they won't use the same name, but I absolutely do...
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    Big 10 Bhangra Line Up Release!

    Dope line up so far!
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    Who's going to start new initiatives??

    +1 Would love to see some initiative from you, hardeep. Despite your off-putting attitude, I think you have a lot to offer us and I bet you'd find a very receptive and eager audience if you dropped the attitude and took a more positive approach. Looking forward to seeing what kind of...
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    BTF is Upgrading

    Awesome! Thanks for your all your hard work and effort on BTF, Saleem & Team! Please let us know if you need donations to support BTF financially.
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    Sponsorship Packages for Bhangra Teams

    My suggestion: Start small. Ask local shops and professionals (like dentists) for $100 in exchange for advertising on your website and Facebook page. (Make sure you have a nice website and a Facebook page with a strong local following first) If you have a lot of local performances, you can...
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    Looking for opportunities to judge?

    By popular demand... See attached resume template/guide :)