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    Prop, etc. website

    i've used saaps from that website, can confirm that they're rlly bad
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    Places to Practice

    Parking garages!
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    VT Bhangra @ Blowout (+ Nashville + Temple Tashan) 2k17

    Positives: - First half of saaps was entertaining, quick change of formation in first drop was cooool & caught me off guard - Formation at beginning of khunda - Jhummar execution was naaaaaice, I think this segment (in addition to dhamaal) showcased your dancers super well +++ - Loved formation...
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    Graduation Gifts

    here's some of our past gifts we've done!! - super extra but also super cute if you have time and not that many seniors or a lot of people who wanna help out. last year we made wood transfer photo collages for the seniors documenting their time on the team. its nice because its not just paper...
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    Costume Tips & Tricks

    @bparikh On Cal we tie ours exactly the same up through about 2:25 in the SPD video (pinning the four corners to the top of the vest). For the last step, we basically make a bunch of pleats in the middle of the chunni and put a pin through those, and then pin that whole bunch to the vest (any of...
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    Legacy of Bhangra 3 **FALL 2017**

    is there a tentative date for the comp?
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    intro to jhoomer had me floored ugh this set is beautiful
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    Cal Bhangra @ Big 10 Bhangra

    Updated with GTV video! :oops:
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    Duniya De Rang @ BXB 2017: Video & Mix

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    Bhangra Blowout 24: LINEUP IS HERE

    WOOOOOOO can't wait to be back in DC!
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    Reign of Bhangra 2017 Rejudgement

    What are the names of the 3 judges?
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    Cal Bhangra @ Big 10 Bhangra

    Hi all - here's Cal Bhangra's performance from Big 10 Bhangra 2017! Shoutouts to our liaisons and big 10 committee for making this as smooth of a weekend as possible! This comp was unreal especially for a first year competition, definitely encourage more teams to apply in the future. Will...
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    FCB @ BuckeyeMela X (2nd place)

    chaffa variation in ending was sickkkk :eek:
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    Bulldog Bhangra Legacy 2016 and West Coast Mix - Baljot Gill

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had this on repeat for 2 days this is amazing