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    How should we view the bhangra of today?

    Everything evolves. Solid thread!
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    North American All Live Competition - Proposal

    Safe to say... Lalkaare Sheran De would be interested to hear more!
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    Behavior at Competitions

    Just wanted to say that this may be one of the best threads we've ever had on BTF. Don't be disappointed if we don't get concrete results right away, the first step is voicing our concerns and standing together as a community against ANY type of violence and vandalism. With the proactive...
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    Do you like live bhangra?

    Great thread and let's not forget the orchestrator-in-chief of a strong live set, the dholi. Jordon, once you dance on a live team with a strong/talented dholi, you will be changed forever my friend and bhangra will take a whole new meaning for you. GUARANTEED.
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    Teams using cones to frame the stage

    Not picking on you Voxanimus but oh balle teri vocabulary de!! Good thread, thought provoking discourse.
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    Teams using cones to frame the stage

    This is a can-o-worms issue, no clear black/white answer but I do have a personal philosophy on this that I'm happy to discuss with you or anyone else privately. I'm curious to hear more thoughts! However, I think complex vs simple formations is a separate issue (and a way bigger fish). This...
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    Teams using cones to frame the stage

    Solid thread master Saleem. If team A & team B had a set with the same amount of complexity/movement when it came to formations (and same number of dancers), I think the team that used less markers might achieve a few more technical points (if the rubric at the competition allows this)...
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    Canada Earthquake

    I'm seeing this trend on twitter right now, hope everyone is safe! What's the scoop?
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    Aate Di Chiri

    Multani +1 If anyone wants to download for free (majority), do it. Don't knock someone who is standing up for the right thing. You'd be surprised to see that the "save the music" movement is slowly growing. Long separate discuss though.
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    Really humble guy wins $30.5MM dollar lottery

    Lucky guy, thats awesome Hardeep to Sunny: kiddah yaara, looooong time man. Assi same pind ton aah veere, yaad aa ma tenu?
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    Dholi alert! Need a Dholi in Las Vegas

    Dholi alert! Our Dholi had to cancel last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Need a Dholi to perform for an hour with Ricky Jatt on Saturday (Oct 6) in the evening in Las Vegas. Please contact me at if interested.
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    Best music set to date?

    Difficult question as sets improve every year but Shan-e-Punjab at Boston Bhangra was one of the sickest music sets to date. Does anyone have the video? :-\